It's getting close! The seasons are change, warm front push up from the south. Although it's the perfect time to plant lettuces and other green leafy kinds of vegetables, hot weather crops are best started and kept inside until final frost dates pass. To start off your seedlings you'll need a special mix, i.e., starting mix. Here's the recipe and instruction video:

  • One part sand
  • One part peat moss

How to Make Your Own Seed Starter Mix

You can use vermiculite or perlite and a substitute or mix with the sand.  You can also use leaf mold as a substitute or mix it with the peat moss. The is idea is to make a spongy, crumbly mix that absorbs and drains water really well. For starting seedlings the mix doesn't have to be very nutritious because you're just starting them off. After they grow a true set of leaves, you'll transplant them into a "grow on" mix that is full of nutrition.

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