I used to fear spiders. I remember being bitten by a small spider as a kid. My right-hand wrist had swollen something fierce. During autumn huge black and yellow garden spiders would show up in various place near the garden next to our house. In fact when dad bought my first BB gun, I made it a mission to kill and torture as many of those huge black and yellow garden spiders as I could: the Arachnid War. 


Well, once I started gardening and learning about the various ecological systems at play, I noticed that as long as spiders were around, other pests didn't cause as much damage to my garden crops.


Spiders should be a common sight in your garden. They're doing their job: keeping the real pests at bay. They may look scary, and you may not like spiders, but they have a purpose under the sun. Part of that purpose is to help protect your garden from pests.


Grow'em big!



NOTE: The garden spiders above go by several names: black and yellow garden spiders, writing spiders or corn spiders. The binomial name is Argiope aurantia.

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