Here is an example of what arugula looks like after it has gone to seed: They look a lot like bean pods:

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  1. Missouri Damon Says:

    Are all your drip lines 1/4? I just started using 1/4 in the raised bed area and while it does not come (to my knowledge) at all the different flow rates, for the raised bed area it works just fine; actually better than I expected. I use 1/2 in the main garden area as my water pressure is too low to have a high drip rate with the size of garden.
    Are you excited about the Arugula? I have plenty of seeds in package for the fall garden though I'm going to harvest seeds for next year. both radishes and Arugula are a pain to harvest, that is usually something I do on a long winter night.
    Keep growing!

  2. Damon Says:

    Yes, all my drip lines are 1/4.

    Well, this is the first time I’ve let the arugula go to seed, so I’m excited to see what happens more than anything.

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