For long while I've wanted to do a kind of behind-the-scenes video for the Greenhorn Gardening podcast. It's a simple process. What's so funny is that most times I have no idea of what each podcast episode will be about. I never worry over it. Creative, introspective minds like mine thrive on shooting-from-the-hip!


Today most of the podcast episodes come from the questions you fellow Greenhorns ask me and from the interaction I have with you guys through surveys, e-mail and blog talks via comments. Other the content comes from whatever is going on in my garden during that season of the year. We're coming out of spring moving into summer conditions down here, so it's naturally time to start talking about summer gardens, drought, hot-weather crop and etc. 


Check out this video. It's the story of how each Greenhorn Gardening podcast gets produced.


Grow'em big!



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  1. Damon Says:

    What do you like about the Greenhorn Gardening podcast?

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