This is a fascinating question. One of the great things the Victorian Era gave us was the ability to plants out of region. Quite often the British would successfully grow tropical plants despite their latitude. They use greenhouses to simulate these climates. The plant don't know the difference.


So, the real question is why do you want grow a garden. If you're just looking for aesthetic beauty or are you interested in food production? You can have both, but you have to study, plan and execute on that basis. With that in mind, here's what to consider when deciding what to grow in your garden:


  • Research what habitat the plant needs.
  • Determine the benefits the plant will give your garden, e.g., trees give mulch via leaves.
  • Understand that you're designing an ecological system, not just gardening for aesthetics.Therefore, certain plants will do well and benefit the system, while others will hurt the system.
  • Think of your garden as a pet: You need to learn what makes it healthy and what makes it sick.
  • The mission is not to grow just to grow; you're tying to produce something of value. A redwood may not be of any value if its roots crack the foundation of your house!

Trees are very important to a garden. Seriously consider a small orchard of fruit trees, nut trees, and black locusts and acacia that act as fertilizer trees along with various herbs, fruit bushes and vines to give support to the entire system. (Yes, there are trees that will actually fertilize and condition the soil for you!)


Grow'em big!


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    What would you like to grow in your garden?

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