Five things to consider when selecting easy and beautiful plants and flowers for your garden:


1. Lettuces grow easily in cool weather. Consider growing a salad mix since they have a variety of red and green leaf lettuces and herbs already in the seed pack. They'll add an amazing amount of color and texture, some with ruffled edges, some jagged, and some smooth and round.


2. Plant nasturtiums and petunias. They'll add beauty, but will also act as a trap crop to protect your beans and squash. Trap crops: When pests are given the choice between your veggies and a trap crop like petunias, they'll go straight for the petunias.



3. Consider starting an herbal spiral or a Kenyan keyhole garden. Both these gardens are round. Round shapes are far more pleasing than squares and rows.


4. Keep in mind that anything kept neat and tidy requires more effort to keep neat and tidy.


5. Plant some trees! Nitrogen fixing trees can fertilize and condition the soil for you. Fruit and nut trees supply a predictable, nutritious source of food. Tree leaves can be added to your garden every year for ongoing soil fertility.


Grow'em big!


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  1. Damon Says:

    What easy-growing and beautiful plants do you want to plant this year?

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