LatinIn recent weeks I've taken interest in studying the classics. I started with the Declaration of Independence written by Thiomas Jefferson, moved on to Booker T. Washington's Atlanta Compromise Speech, and plan on reading many others. What would a list of classic gardening books look like? What would make the list? Why?


We all have books we've read several times. Books where you pick up on something new each time, something you had not noticed before. This is the start of a list of gardening classics. This is also where I need your help. What gardening classics have you read? Which one continue to move you?


  • George Washington Carver Bulletins
  • Frederick Frye Rockwell's "Home Vegetable Gardening" and "Growing Indoors and Under Glass"
  • John Jeavons' "How to Grow More Vegetables"
  • Mel Bartholomew's "Square Foot Gardening"
  • Bill Mollison's "Introduction to Permaculture"
  • Shane Smith's "Greenhouse Gardener's Companion"


What are some gardening classics that you've read?


Grow'em big!



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