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Four ways to deal with pests and bugs. For the "Growing Tip," how to eliminate weeds from your garden, all in this week's episode of Greenhorn Gardening!


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4 Responses to “GG 16 | Dealing With Pests, Bugs and Weeds”

  1. Terri Says:

    Is your site named after the "Green-horned" caterpillar that so love tomato plants?
    Also, how often should you use fertilizer recipe?
    Thanks for all of your help…

  2. Damon Says:

    Well, the site is named after the term greenhorn itself. Greenhorn means a newcomer unacquainted with local manners and customs. I like teaching organic gardening to beginners, but organic gardening for beginners was just too long.

    Honestly I never thought about the double meaning, those big green ‘mater killers.

    I usually put it on at the beginning of the season, then check for plant health within the one or two month mark, because that’s when the fertilizers will start to be used by the plants. In fact one of my beds is so fertile that I only used half the application rate and everything is growing in credibly well.

    Understand that it’s an ecosystem, not a bank account, thus it operates differently than our modern technological minds do. Over time I find that I have to use less fertilizer because the worms, compost applications, green manure and cover crops do most of the fertilizing for me. Over time I won’t have to add any fertilizer, especially if I begin working rabbit manure into my compost.

    So, to answer your question, side dress this fertilizer mix within two months with about half the application rate as listed here.

    Good questions. It really helps me understand what you guys and gals want to know.

  3. Robin Says:

    I'm sorry that "Growing-degree Days" Chart and info are beyond my capacity to understand…. really. But if you break it down in a better understanding, maybe it'll sink into my brain. Diagrams are a good way for me to understand these kinds of things.
    I have been trying to study these:
    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
    Root Development Of Vegetable Crops:

  4. Damon Says:

    Excellent! Old gardening books are my favorite! Back then organic gardening was simply called gardening because organics were all you had.

    I’ve found many gardening books written 100 years ago. I would love to update the graphics, use modern high resolution photos, add detailed instruction for modern home-scale applications, and make them available.


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