5 Responses to “GG 40 | How to Drip Irrigate a Square Foot Garden”

  1. Damon Says:

    How do you plan to use drip irrigation this growing season?

  2. Leo Edmiston-cyr Says:

    Last year I blew some tomatoes with overhead watering.  The mold taught me a hard lesson: water the dirt, don't splash the plants, and drip irrigation is what I need to do next year (that's this year now).
    Soooo, what manufacturer do you use?  I look at some of the systems at big box stores and they look too much alike to tell which is better and online reviews seem hard to come by.

  3. Damon Says:

    Well, I buy all drip irrigation products from They sell products from DiG Corporation, well made products without breaking the bank. They have lots of articles as well.

  4. Marilyn Says:

    What kind of sand is best. You say sand a lot. But all I can find is play sand at the big box stores, so I'm wondering what to get. Thanks!!! MW

  5. Damon Says:

    You need a course sand. We call it fill sand. The play sand you’re talking about is too fine and won’t drain well. Also do not use sand from the beach because (1) you may get in trouble for messing up the sand dunes; (2) it’s full of salt, and that will ruin your garden beyond repair.

    I generally stay away from the big-box stores. You’re better off going to a landscaping company. They’ll have the right type of sand that you need. Many landscaping companies make custom mixes for nurseries and greenhouses around town. That’s the best stuff to get.

    If you cannot find the right sand in your area, check out your farmer’s coop and buy a bag of perlite or vermiculite instead.

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