3 Responses to “GG 41 | Two Proven Materials To Fill Your Raised Beds”

  1. Damon Says:

    What materials have you used successfully in your raised beds?

  2. Leo Edmiston-cyr Says:

    Thank you for the drip irrigation tips!  Just what I was looking for.
    I don't use raised beds — I haven't had the extra dollars and time for the building materials — BUT I have had a lot of success with compost/mulch from my local yard waste recycling center near where I live.  I hook my trailer up to my car, load all my misc. yard wast (sticks, roots of asian honey suckles,etc.) and drive over to the recycling center.  After dropping off my waste (a win in itself).   I swing over to the giant pile of mulch and compost and pick up the largest load I can carry in my trailer FOR FREE!  Then I work it into my gardening areas and mulch my plantings.
    My tip: Check with your local government's recycling program and see if they have free mulch or compost made from yard waste — it is a valuable organic soil amendment.

  3. Damon Says:

    Nice tip, and that is an awesome deal on the compost mulch.

    I’ll check that out. I often have two styles raised bed. One is a mounded bed that is very much like a traditional garden, just mound the compost up. The other is a completely above ground raised bed as most people think of it.

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