3 Responses to “GG 47 | Three Raised Bed Growing Secrets!”

  1. Damon Says:

    What are the two most frustrating things you've found in using raised beds?

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Frusterating thing about raised beds, for me, is figuring out how to keep weeds out of the pathways between growing beds. The paths are too narrow to fit a mower through, so I don't want grass (too much weedeating). I put down weed barrier fabric and small river rock, but lots of grasses grow through all that! It stinks to have to spend so much time hand-pulling weeds in the paths when I'd rather be tending to the growing beds. Round-up is obviously not an option for me 😉

  3. Damon Says:

    Hey, thanks for commenting. When you put the weed fabric and rock down, did you remove the grass and weeds that were there or just cover them up?

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