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Greenhorn Gardening Success Story


This week: an Interview with Mary Toney about life on a southern cotton farm. For the growing tip, I share an old southern recipe for chicken & dumplings.



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18 Responses to “GG 79 | Interview With Mary Toney (a.k.a mom)”

  1. MichiganNimrod Says:

    Really enjoyed listening to your mom.  God bless her and thanks to hear for sharing with us how it was for her.  Great podcast!

  2. Damon Says:

    Hey, thanks for chiming in. Good that you enjoyed the show. Do you bow hunt?

  3. John Watton Says:

    A Note from Newfoundland Canada:  Damon,been following you from the beginning!We have a "back to nature" culture here…but sure need people like you and your family to teach and remind folks of the basics! I am the Rector (lead minister) of St. Martin's Anglican Cathedral here in Gander. Absolutely love this interview…it is filled with love and wisdom. With your permission I would love to share this link on our Parish Blog,and website .
    You are doing some great things..Thank You!

  4. Damon Says:

    Great! If you don’t mind, how long have you been the Rector there?

  5. Damon Says:

    Oh, yes, please share and link as you wish. Thanks! Grow’em big!

  6. Dave Says:

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this interview.  I could listen to your mom talk about her experiences and tell her stories all day long.  I would love to hear her as a regular to your show!
    Thanks again, and thank your mom too!

  7. Damon Says:

    She’s a hoot! I’ll see what I can to do have her as a regular on the show.

  8. Brett Apelgren Says:

    Damon:  I have been listening to your podcast from the start, along with several others on gardening and country life.  Just finished listening to your podcast with your mother.  WOW, that was the best podcast about life in the country I have ever heard. That perfectly described my parents life growing up, but in the upper peninsula of Michigan it was picking potatoes instead of cotton.  Please have more of your mom or other relatives talking about the yester years and gardening back then.  Thanks

  9. Damon Says:

    Wow! A lot of people seem to like that episode. I’ll see what we can to do bring her back. Thanks!

  10. Check This Out! | Mister Frank's Garden Says:

    […] Greenhorn Gardener Interview With Mary Toney […]

  11. John Watton Says:

    Thanks Damon! I have been at this church for eight years. By the way we still have several FEET of snow on the ground.

  12. MichiganNimrod Says:

    Damon:  I do bowhunt.  At least I go out and sit in a tree for long periods of time!  lol

  13. John Watton Says:

    Here is the link Damon. Blessings!

  14. Ruthie Says:

    Love your Mom!!!  Can she have her own podcast?  I could listen to her for days and my kiddos could learn so much from her!

  15. Damon Says:

    Hehe! Mom still has the old flair and charisma. I’m trying to work out something at least where she can get up here during spring break and record a bunch.

  16. Dylan Says:

    Loved listening to your mom! She tells a great story and really puts a lot into perspective. Happy Birthday Mary! I hope you have many more and please come back on the show soon to share more of your wisdom! 

  17. Shannon Says:

    Hi Damon. Not sure how to get a birthday message to your mom, but tell her Happy Birthday!
    I loved the podcast, it was like listening to my mom. Her interview was full of wisdom and real talk. When she was talking about the wild hog, I laughed out loud on the train (and believe me, it is very quiet on Japanese trains). Thanks for everything you do. Take care!

  18. Damon Says:

    Well, I plan to print these out and give them to her. I told her about the comments so far and she was tickled. She wants me to print them out; she likes to scrapbook.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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