In a recent post a couple of you asked about southern-food recipes. Since I mention dear mom and grandma much of the time, I never realized such a thing would be of interest to people.


At any rate I have been working on a different kind recipe that may be of use to many of you. It's a soap recipe. Yup, Sister Dortch used to make her own soap. She never taught mother how to make it, but from what mom describes, Stella used to cook it.


That's called hot-processed soap today.


In an attempt to rediscover some of these lost skills, I've been in mad scientist and insane research mode, trying to figure out how to make soap. The current batch has proven successful. Here's the current recipe straight from Greenhorn Gardening Mad-Man Labs:


Greenhorn Gardener's Soap Recipe: a.k.a Stella's Soap



  • Lard: 24 ounces | 680 grams
  • Coconut Oil: 6.4 ounces | 45.4 grams
  • Castor Oil: 1.6 ounces | 181.5 grams
  • Aniseed Essential Oil: 1.6 ounces | 181.5 grams
  • Coriander Seed
  • Basil Leaves
  • Water: 12.16 ounces | 345 grams
  • Sodium Hydroxide (lye): 4.4 ounces | 125 grams

Tools & Supplies

  • Crock Pot (Get an old one from the flea market)
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Stick Blender
  • Glass Measuring Cup
  • Cheap plastic container to use as a mold
  • Silicon spatula
  • Safety glasses, gloves and clothing with chemical resistant properties.


  • Set the crock pot on high
  • Measure out water, then lye. Carefully and slowly add lye to water. Only add lye to water; never add water to lye. Mix solution with spatula. It will heat up: a lot.. Set aside.
  • Measure out lard, coconut oil and castor oil. Add to crockpot. Once oils have melted, turn crock pot to low.
  • Slowly add water/lye solution, mixing with spatula.
  • Pulse blend with the stick blender until trace is achieved.
  • Let cook until petroleum jelly-like consistency has been achieved.
  • Add aniseed oil, basil leaves and coriander seeds.
  • Place in mold. Let still overnight, and soap will be ready in the next morning.

Grow'em big!


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