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Okay, this is a little embarrassing. First of all I apologize for missing last week's podcast episode. Here's the thing: I've nearly run out of hard drive space. All the videos and podcasts and photos take up a bunch of space, much more space than anticipated.


At any rate Greenhorn Gardening podcast should be up and back on track by week's end. Not to bore you with computer geek speak, but I've decided to upgrade storage capacity to two terabytes and begin archiving all data via Blue-ray disc.


Drought Problems


The most upsetting thing is that I haven't been able to record much for the autumn gardening course. Most of that has been due to the weather. While there has been a severe drought through much of the United States, here in west central Alabama it has been the opposite. It been raining everyday and the soil is far too wet to work. 


This has put an unexpected delay on recording the autumn series of Greenhorn Gardening courses. While there is still plenty of time to plant an autumn garden in my area, plants like cabbage that have a long maturity time the window for planting is nearly shut.


Them's the breaks.



Grow'em big!



P.S., What do you think? Recently I've put up a survey asking about autumn gardening and some of you have communicated with me via e-mail. Thanks for taking the time to do that. 


I put together another survey helping to get some idea of the extent these autumn gardening topics are important to you. Again if you have the time please fill this one out. If not that's totally fine.


Greenhorn Gardening Autumn Garden Issues


Greenhorn Gardening Autumn Garden Survey I: This was the first survey.

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