Okay, we are officially on the last leg of the growing season. I haven't done a do-to list in a while. Digging back into the F. F. Rockwell repetiore, I pulled out his recommendations for gardening tasks in September from his early 20 century work "Home Vegetable Gardening:"




Frames [mini greenhouses]

  • Set in lettuce started in August. Sow radishes and successive crop of lettuce. Cooler weather begins to tell on late planted crops. Give cabbage, cauliflower, etc., deeper cultivation.
  • "Handle" celery wanted for early use.
  • Harvest and store onions. Get squash under cover before frost. From the 15th to 25th sow spinach, onions, borecole for wintering over. Sow down thickly to rye all plots as fast as cleared of summer crops; or plow heavy land in ridges. 
  • Attend to draining.



  • Trees may be set. 
  • Procure barrels for storing fruit in winter. At harvest time it is often impossible to get them at any price.
  • [I love the above comment about collecting barrels. Goodness who has barrels anymore? It's something else to read these old gardening books because they're written using the common methods at that time. It's interesting to compare early twentieth century gardening methods to early twenty-first century gardening methods to see how times have changed yet stayed the same.]


NOTE: Mr. Rockwell's recommendations apply for the New York State region. For those of you further north or south, you'll have to adjust accordingly.


Grow'em big!


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