I received a wonderful comment from Greenhorn Gardener Beth Bailie not long ago, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. (I do have her permission to share it.)


Hey, Damon,


It's only because of spring gardening (either the powerful antidepressant properties of good soil, or the overdose of hope) that I'm grinning past my sore muscles, sunburn, and soil/clay stained calluses tonight.


Last weekend was spent tidying up the beds, buying materials, and admiring the compost. I piled those veggie scraps last year and they turned into the nicest, sweetest, fluffiest loveliness, I was really digging it (dirt puns are inevitable, sorry!)


What a great day today was to sow seeds with my young sons, and emplace little store-bought plants (hello tomatoes!) in decidedly homemade raised beds.


I thought I had the SFG garden pretty well in hand, but turns out I still have questions (and some lessons learned to pass along) so I will be listening, trying new stuff, and keeping in touch.


You are right up there with Mel Bartholomew and Ruth Stout, who are my other most respected authorities on beginner-level organic home gardening.


Next year I gotta replace my grow boxes using cedar (termites are eating away my soft wood 2×6 frames). Alternatively, my neighbor down the street built cinder block raised beds that are quite admirable. They have some BIG ol' compost piles, neatly established. Someone there seems to have green fingers AND toes.


Thank you for all you do go keep gardeners like me excited and inspired to keep learning. It's such a joy to be able to grow organic FOOD that is delicious and healthy, and to share our bounty with others when the harvest is more than we need (and that's happened every year, fortunately.)


Tired and sore as I feel tonight, I just want to get out there and do it again tomorrow. Yeah!


Thanks, and may you also grow 'em big.



Beth Bailie
Huntsville, AL

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