Recently I tweeted a news article where the report discussed blossom-end rot on tomatoes. Rob Foster from chimed in with a far more informative answer to the blossom end rot. This is what he had to say:


Hello Damon, blossom end rot on tomatoes so called because it is at the blossom end opposite the calyx and is a physiological disorder caused as you rightly said by lack of calcium, but not by lack of calcium in the soil as your report says or magnesium, (messing with micro nutrients can prove disastrous for plants). it is caused by a[n]

  1. irregular watering which moves calcium about the plant.
  2. Over enthusiastic use of the hoe destroying some of the plants roots so it cannot get the nutrients it requires or
  3. feeding too much potash which is antagonistic to calcium i.e. too much tomato feed which is normally a man thing giving an extra dose thinking it will make the plant grow quicker.

As you are probably aware calcium is the building blocks and once this is in short supply the plant cannot grow so hence the dark sunken areas. And don't forget never store tomatoes in a fridge. Hope this helps cheers Rob


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