Winter GardenAs Winter has fallen upon us, there are certain measures we can take to avoid the bad weather and harsh conditions affecting the aesthetic of our gardens. A whole variety of products are available in the market at the moment, and choosing between them can be tricky. Therefore listed below are the 5 must-have products for this Christmas Season.


The Flat Pack Incinerator


This Flat Pack Incinerator comes in a handy and portable package, which makes it easy to transport around the garden. It has a sleek and discreet design allowing it to seamlessly fit into your gardens landscape. Made of galvanised steel, it can withstand whatever the elements throw at it, as it is a strong piece of equipment. This product is perfect for clearing up all the garden debris that gets blown around by the wind throughout the Winter months, and especially for getting rid of surplus leaves. If your regular debris bins are overflowing (we’ve all been there), the incinerator offers a perfect solution.


The Leaf Grabber


This product has a sleek and simple design, which makes it extremely easy to use. There is an extended/elongated handle, which means minimal bending down to get at those pesky leaves (which is extremely beneficial for the back). It can be used for moving big piles of leaves or just for grabbing those leaves in hard to reach places. This piece of kit can cut significant time spent cleaning up the garden in the cold which is ideal.


Coal Bunkers


Coal Bunkers are fantastic for storing your fire starting fuel this winter. Keeping coal bags in the house and in the garden, looks messy and is impractical. Having a good sturdy coal bunker in the garden will allow you to store away a lot more coal and neatly, for a long period of time. This product can come in a variety of sizes depending on your coal needs. Usually made from galvanised sheet metal, these bunkers can withstand all weather conditions. It also has a sliding door on the front, to ensure both easy use and access.


The Weed Wand


This is a handy lightweight device which can swiftly and effectively deal with any weed problems messing up your garden. It uses a high temperature ignition flame to cause the cells of the weed to die. This means that the weed will be destroyed within two days of use, eliminating the need for messy, harmful and expensive chemicals. For clearing up your garden this winter, this innovative product is definitely a must buy.


Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter


The Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter is a method of producing nutrient rich compost for your garden over the winter months, taking up minimal time. It can have two loads of compost mature in it at once, and they can be ready for spreading on the garden in as little as 2 weeks. During winter the garden goes through a lot of damage from the elements, so having nutrient rich compost is important to get your plants back on track. These compost Chambers are family size, so can hold their fair share of compost. The design means that it is conveniently portable and easy to put in the garden.

This article was written by Drew Rapley, a regular writer on the Gardening World and Gardening Products. All five of these products will get you well on your way to keeping your garden clean and tidy this winter. For any other useful and practical gardening products then visit Garden Ventures for more.

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