Greenhorn Gardening Success StoryA few weeks ago, Kathy from Austrilia e-mailed me about the podcast interview with my mom. She left a touching reply, and I thought I'd share it with you guy:


Hello, Damon


I have been listening to your podcast for a long time, unfortunately I am still a little bit behind.


First of all I would like to say thank you for the fantastic podcast; it's very entertaining and helpful. Even though I live in Australia I still find the information that you provided is relevant to my situation.


The reason I am writing this email is to say how much I enjoyed the episode your grandmother participated in. After I listened to it, I got my 13 years old daughter who in high school to listen to it as well. The reason is that in her generation they do not have the concept of living with out electronics and shops. In high school you don't even have to carry text books any more because they using iPad.


The school is trying to help students to learn about history and maybe teach the children that with out the modern conveniences you can achieve and be happy as well. They have a programme called living history where they bring in elders who grown up in difficult time for example veterans from different wars, refugees and people who live with different disabilities to speak to students. In Western Australia it compulsory for student to do charity work to pass high school.


If your grandmother live in Western Australia she would be perfect candidate for our oral history section in the State Library; they have people from different walks of life talk on camera about their life so that the future generations will not forget and learn from it. I think they are living treasures because when you listen to them it touches you and ground you more than reading it from a book. Your grandmother has such a wealth of knowledge from her life time of experiences to give to future generations, and I would like to say thank you to let me listen to her story and to thank her for taking the time to tell her story.


Thank you
Kathy O'Keefe



Currently we are supposed to be in spring but our weather has changed so much for the last couple of years, at the moment it feels like late winter. While I am sitting here writing this email the rain is coming down in buckets. I am not complaining as Perth needs water, but currently we have water restrictions. I am hoping we have enough rain to stop more severe restriction eg banning house holds from watering the garden. As I am a new gardener with a new house my garden is not established yet it still requires a bit more water then normal. As an Australian we love our lawns; 'the greener the better.' But the lawn consumes so much water, so I took the plunge and I made my back yard into a flowers and vegetable garden using raise beds. The flowers jobs is to attract insects and can also can be eaten as well. At the front of the house I have a bit of a problem; the council restricts us of what we can plant out the front, I am hoping that I can do a native garden as these plants will not require as much water as normal gardens.


Thank you again for helping me with my garden


Kathy O'Keefe

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