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3 Responses to “Help Greenhorn Gardening Plan for 2014!”

  1. Mark Says:


          My personal opinion( worth $0.00) is with donations your revenue stream will always be sporadic and you'll constantly have to keep reminding your membership to donate in order to keep any revenue coming in, driving away part of your base.

     You provide a very valuable content for those of us who love to garden and fish, this is what attracts so many people to your videos and website. This gives you a ready made audience for your own product brand. You've already established your "creds" as a gardening expert, so if you have a product to sell people will assume it is a good product.

      I can tell from my own experience organic pest control and finding heirloom seeds is an issue. I would think large products difficult to ship could be an issue.

      Something you might consider, put your best ideas, aquaponic system drawings and material lists, recipes for organic fertilizers, pest control etc. on a part of your website for paying members only. Keep the videos and tips, etc. free to continue growing your base but have a $5-$10 membership fee that gives full access to your downloadable content.

      Keep working on products to sell as that is a natural extension of what you already are doing. With Paypal it is really simple to set up a payment system right on your website.

     On another note, hunting season is in full swing here in Az., I got a bear a month ago and a deer a few days ago, lots of meat in the freezer.

    Have a good one, Mark

  2. Corbyn Says:


    I love what you are doing, and hope you can find a way to make it worth your time.

    Why don't you just come up with a list of great garden products (that you belive in of course) and become an affiliate marketer for them?  Put links to the products on this site and when people click on them and buy, you get a small commission. 

    Also use a donate button and maybe try to sell some ads for use on your site.

    I was a little confused by the survey…are you thinking of manufacturing some of the products yourself (like the fertilizer)?  That sounds like a huge undertaking to me.

    Anyways keep up the good work man!



  3. Damon Says:

    Yes, manifacturing them myself on small-scale, also the possibility of buying some products wholesale and selling them retail. Yes, it would be a big undertaking, but I think it’s worth investigating. Mainly I’d be assymbling things, selling them on Craig’s List and the like.


    Affiliate products are definately on the board, especially interviewing the those garden product makers on the podcast.

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