Okay, I have share this with your guys. Here's a single tomato plant growing under a pine tree here on the property.


Last year I started hot composting, processing large batches of organic matter. I used leaves and grass clipping. It was about 1,000 lbs of organic matter. It had to be turned every couple of days, too much work! (I really don't recommend hot composting unless you have the back and hip strength to lift and turn a 1,000 lbs every other day.)


After all that lifting, it hit me that the Bermuda grass used to compost was so full of weed seeds that I would never, ever be able to using directly in the garden. All that work for nothing!


Now I'm not one for doing work and it go to waste. So I dumped that whole pile of compost at the base of several large pine trees. A year later, this year, 2011, when it came time to seed up tomatoes, I figure why not plant a few straight into that compost under these pine trees. I must have transplanted seven tomato plants or so. This was the only one to survive, but I rarely water it or anything. Almost completely neglected, it still grows without my help.


The plants know what to do and will make do with whatever they have. Some will fail. Some will produce. Some do neither. That's gardening,


Grow'em big.


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  1. Damon Says:

    What odd gardening stories do you guys have?

  2. Damon Says:

    This thing is still going strong! Actually I planted several in this way. It's made from an old compost pile that I thought was full of weed seeds, yet it wasn't. I placed most of that compost beneath pine trees, and this tomato plant has survived a major drought and is finally flowering!

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