The summer garden is done. The tomatoes have produced all they can. The bush beans and zucchini didn't fare well, but that's okay. In a sense autumn becomes a second chance, a way to redeem the garden year, and a way to increase your bounty without the heat and misery of a summer garden.


Summers in the south: 100 degree heat and high  humidity make for a general misery where no fun is had out-of-doors. Autumn changes this. Temperatures begin to fall. Each day becomes more pleasant than the previous day.


Autumn gardening is pleasant and peaceful, not as hectic as the spring garden or as miserable as the summer garden. Also autumn gardens tend to overwinter well, at least in my area where winters are mild.


I've noticed another strange thing about gardening: The more time I spend in the garden the better it produces. I suppose this is why my fall gardens consistently produce more bounty than any other time of the year. I spend much more time in the garden during autumn than at any other point in the year.


See most of the fun with spring gardening comes in the planning and anticipation. Summer gardening fun is more about wishing you didn't have to go outside. Most of the fun of autumn gardening is actually being out in the garden. Keep that in mind as we move into the last leg of the gardening season.


Grow'em big!



P.S., Can get your opinion on something? I put up this survey about autumn gardening, and I'd like to know your plans for your garden this autumn. If you have the time please fill it out. If not that's fine.

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