Collin Bascom sent this to me a few weeks back. Home grown coral reefs:


Hey Damon
I've been listening to your podcast since last seed planting season and I must say your advice gave me the biggest cucumber plant I've ever seen.  The leaves had to be 2 feet across!  I'm over in New England so the soil isn't that great.  I've been following tips given by you and its absolutely brilliant.  I just wanted to share a second hobby I have with you.  I build coral reefs for your home.  I find it very similar to gardening, except underwater haha.  Right now, I'm placing a 90 gallon tank into my living room.  Hoping you might find some interest in this and maybe even a hobby for those rainy days?

Long time listener and subscriber, first time emailer
Collin Bascom
Grow'em big!

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