Okay, this is the first year that I have successfully grown oregano. I tell you what, fresh oregano makes for a nice pasta sauce, and it beats any off-the-shelf herbs at the grocery store.


Be warned though this stuff grows like a weed if you let it. It seems to spread out by the roots much like bamboo. You'll find it difficult to pull up by the roots; they are very densely matted. Be careful how many you plant because wrestling up all those matted roots is hard on your back.


What are Herbs?


Herbs are shrubs. They all seem to grow woody stalks over time. They are the second phase in afforestation. When a forest is growing, in the early stages grass moves in as a pioneer plant. After that shrubs begin to pepper the place, then trees move in until they develop a canopy over the area.


Why Herbs?


Seasoning. Face it: Most vegetables are bland. Herbs add intense flavor. We live in a society that flavors food with salt. Everything tastes like salt or sugar. I find that when you intensely season with herbs, most people fall into one of two camps: They love it, or they hate it. If you've never had freshly grown herbs in your foods, try it. Use salt to enhance the flavor of your herb. It's much better.


Choosing Which Herbs to Grow


Start by thinking what you want to eat and what herbs would be good for seasoning those meals. If you like Italian foods, grow basil, oregano and thyme at least. Sage is great as well because it's a great sausage seasoning that goes well with Italian food. Once you've done that, buy the seeds, plant and grow!


Cool Trick!


You can either eat them fresh or hang them and dry them. I prefer basil dried, but rather eat thyme fresh. The flavor seems to change a little when dried. Dried basil has a much less licorice flavor than fresh. If you dry them all, you'll have herbs for soups and dishes all winter.


If you can't grow all your own foods, you can most certainly grow all your own seasonings. This will give your food flavors that you can't find anywhere else. People will think you're some kind of gourmet chef when all you've done is add fresh, organically grown herbs to spice your meals.


Grow'em big


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  1. Damon Says:

    What herbs have you grown this year?

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