Raised Bed Grower's GuideThere was a time when people grew much of their own foods. Everyday people went out, worked the soils, and grew vegetables for their families. One day people started taking jobs that took them away from their homesteads. Because of that people had less time and less opportunity to work their gardens. Because of that many of those skills were lost. Until finally food prices skyrocketed so much that people wanted to start gardening again but needed low-cost, low-time commitment systems.


What does all this mean? Several weeks ago I sent out a survey asking what you'd like to see in the Greenhorn Gardening product line. Many of you requested a low-cost, low-time commitment product.


Well, that's what the "Raised Bed Grower's Guide" is. This is volume 1 of the Greenhorn Gardening Grower's Guide Series.


If you're interested check it out over on the new Amazon page.




Grow'em big!



P.S., Even if you're not interested in buying, but like the Greenhorn Gardening brand whether the podcast, YouTube vidoes, blog or other content, please take the time to leave a comment about that over on the Amazon page. In the long run this will help me continue to bring more great content your way. Thanks!

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