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For Gardeners Who Want to Learn How to Use Raised Beds to Save Grocery Money and Grow Your Own Fresh Veggies—Even If You're Totally New and Just Starting Out

Here’s how you can “pick the brains” behind this top ranking organic gardening podcast … and discover how to create a complete raised bed garden… from start to finish… with proven step-by-step methods anyone can follow…

Greenhorn Gardening Introduces —

"Raised Bed Growing Mastery 1.0"

Thanks, Damon, for all your help and advice. You're really helping us out. Thanks!

-Susan Norris, Cottondale, AL

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We got 150 to 200 Tomatoes!

-Tim Thomassian, Tuscaloosa, AL

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You are right up there with Mel Bartholomew and Ruth Stout, who are my other most respected authorities on beginner-level organic home gardening!

Thank you for all you do to keep gardeners like me excited and inspired to keep learning. It's such a joy to be able to grow organic FOOD that is delicious and healthy, and to share our bounty with others when the harvest is more than we need (and that's happened every year, fortunately.)
-Beth Bailie, Hunstville, AL



Dear Gardener,

You might be a lot like me. Gas prices are skyrocketing. This makes food prices skyrocket, and you just get to a point where where you're no longer willing to pay insane prices for fresh veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and especially lettuce. Goodness have you checked the price of lettuce lately?

We all want fresh veggies. I know you want to eat healthier. All the doctors and health gurus say eat more veggies, right? But, then you go to the grocery store, and not only are the prices high, but some of these veggies like tomatoes are so hard you could play racquetball with them!

Don't even mention the bland taste. It's like cardboard. It's like they grew all the taste out of the plants. A lot of the vegetables are grown for shipping and shelf-life, not for great taste

You start thinking about a garden, but then you worry about the time required to have a successful garden.

Once you discover the right way to make a successful garden happen, it's like learning to walk…

It gets easier and easier–then you can go anywhere you want!


You Want a Successful Raised Bed Garden

You Just Need to Know How to Get There

You have gardening goals, right?

Maybe you want to learn how to save money on your grocery bill, water bill and even you garbage bill by growing your own vegetable garden.

Maybe you want to have a better understanding of seeding methods or how to grow from seeds.

Maybe you want build a better soil, or need to know how to do a soil test, or actually implement a composting system that works!

Well, here's a great way to make all this happen:

  • Have someone walk you through the whole process before doing it yourself.
  • Have detailed tutorials show you everything so that you can have a successful garden straight off the bat.
  • Make sure that whoever you buy from is willing to back their product with some sort of money-back guarantee.


Okay, Here's My Story and How It Can Help You

In case you're wondering how much this will cost, I'll get to that in a moment. When I started raised bed growing, I didn't have much success. I planted and followed the instructions of a very popular beginner gardening book. Even though I followed the instructions as best I could, the garden still failed. The beans sprouted, they grew fast, turned yellow, and died before ever putting on a second set of leaves.

It was so frustrating. I tried a second time, and the same thing happened! Tried a third time, and the same thing happened!

I pretty much gave up, thinking it was impossible, that I just didn't have the "green thumb ". Then I asked my dear old, mom who grew up on a cotton farm what I was doing wrong. She took one look and said,

"All you have is cow manure. You need fertilizer!"

That put me into crazy research mode, reading articles, organic gardening books. Lo and behold I found an old gardening book written by an early twentieth century writer named F. F. Rockwell titled, "Growing Indoors and Under Glass."

In it were these techniques that many people would call organic, but in 1912 were considered standard practice. So, I tried some of these techniques and they worked! In fact, believe it or not, that autumn and winter produced far more bounty than the previous spring and summer garden!

I found that many waste products of the agricultural industry are great organic fertilizers! It took a while but it is really possible to have a balanced organic fertilizer that includes more than just primary nutrients, but also trace elements and secondary nutrients needed for fast, strong growth and bountiful harvests.

Well, here's what this means for you:

  • No need to bumble around guessing what to do.
  • All you have to do is implement a proven system.
  • You can cut past all the false starts.
  • Success straight off the bat!

At any rate after unlocking some of these hidden secrets, I figured others might want to know about these methods. So I put together this little podcast called Greenhorn Gardening which is published weekly online and is devoted to helping people get started in raised bed vegetable gardening.

Well, listening is great, but sometimes it's much better to have someone actually show you how to do everything, right? Many of you wanted live videos of exactly what to do. Well, here we are "Raised Bed Growing Mastery 1.0!"


What Comes With The Course?

This is an electronically delivered, six module course including live action and screen capture videos. These modules will be delivered weekly. Here's a look at what's inside:

  • Raised Bed Building Module: You'll learn two raised bed methods and exactly which is best for your situation.
  • Soil Building Module: You'll learn exactly what to do with the soil underneath your raised beds.
  • Drip Irrigation Module: a step-by-step method for a simple drip irrigation system that'll save money on your water bill!
  • Garden Planning Module: Gardening is fun, but without a plan of action, you'll just waste time and resources. This is an easy plan to get started even if it's late in the season.
  • Planting Patterns Module: You'll need a planting pattern that help you grow as much per unit of area as possible but won't crowd that plant up too much sacrificing production per plant.
  • Schedule of Operations Module: What do you do an when? This is a garden calendar that shows you what tasks to do on a monthly basis so that you can make the most out of every growing season. This schedule will save you time in gardening and get you focusing on the right things so that you can ultimately save money on your grocery bill!


Be Sure to Check Out The Bonus Pack!

I'm also throwing in some bonuses!

  • F.F. Rockwell's "Growing Indoors and Under Glass" is the original work that started it all for Greenhorn Gardening! Find it here in e-book form via PDF for you to download at any time you like. This book was published in 1912 and clearly show that today's "organic" methods were yesteryear's standard practices! These are tried and true methods proven to make your garden successful without wasting time or reinventing the wheel.
  • Building Sawhorses: I'll also include a video on how to build your own saw horses. Sawhorses are great to have around the house. You can use them as garden benches, potting benches and stepping stools. You can use them for building most anything related to the house.


30-Day, Money Back, Iron-Clad Guarantee!

Seriously, if you buy, and you decide this isn't for you, I'll give you your money back. That's a total refund, no hidden restock fees or any of that other junk. If you don't like it or want it, I'll give you your money back. Simple. Just shoot me a message, and I'll get it done!

Now you guys have seems my videos on YouTube. You've heard my podcast. You've read my blog posts and Twitter stream. All of these are going to continue. You can still get all that stuff for free even if you don't buy. However, if you do buy, you're going to get a deeper level of content showing exactly how I do these things. Things that will help you save money in your gardening, saving money on watering, reducing your garbage bill, and helping you reclaim some of the skills lost in today's society.


So, Here's The Deal:

Buy "Raised Bed Growing Mastery 1.0." Try it for 30 days. If you don't like it, you'll get your money back. Shoot me an e-mail requesting a refund, and it's done.

Remember what you're getting though: You'll be learning a skill set long lost in our society, growing your own fresh veggies like grandma used to grow, all the while saving money on your grocery bill, implementing a highly efficient drip irrigation system that will save on your garden's water bill, plus using kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, grass clipping and leaves to reduce your garbage bill.

Why? Greenhorn Gardening grows gardeners. 

I can't guarantee how many spots I'll open for this charter membership class of Raised Bed Growing Mastery 1.0, so secure your spot now…


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  • I also want the Bonus Pack: F.F. Rockwell's “Gardening Indoors and Under Glass” in PDF, plus I want the bonus video that will show me exactly how to build and use sawhorses!
  • I also know that if I don't like "Raised Bed Growing Mastery 1.0" for whatever reason, all I have to do is let you know within 30 days of purchase, and you'll give me my money back!





















P.S., If you want to save money on your grocery bill, reduce your garbage bill, save money on watering your garden, have healthy, fresh organic vegetables right outside your door … then you need Raised Bed Growing Mastery 1.0's how-to-do-it information on building raised beds … implementing drip irrigation … seeding methods … trellising methods … soil testing … compost that works … raising worms … building better soil … detailed video tutorials … and more!