Raised Bed Growing Mastery (BETA)

Welcome to the Greenhorn Gardening's "Raised Bed Growing Mastery Series." This is a beta test. I want to get the course just right for you guys before launching it out to the world. Just click on the month, and it will take you to appropriate coarse.


Each month has corresponding audios, videos and pdfs of proven tasks and methods of showing exactly why, what and how to growing your own raised bed vegetable garden:


Raised Bed Growing Mastery Course:

  • Fast-Start Module
  • January Module
  • February Module
  • March Module
  • April Module
  • May Module
  • June Module
  • July Module
  • August Module
  • September Module
  • October Module
  • November Module
  • December Module



  • F.F. Rockwell's "Growing Indoors and Under Glass"
  • Greenhorn Gardening Greenhouse Module


NOTE: For now I only have January available, but I really need your feed back. For comments leave them over at the Greenhorn Gardening Forums to discuss it amongst yourselves or shoot me an email damon@greenhorngardening.com.