I just received the results of a soil sample sent to Auburn University yesterday afternoon: massive, epic improvements! Two years ago I started with nothing but sandy soil, known as soil group 1. Now I'm in soil group 3, i.e., clays and soils high in organic matter. The soil has improved to pH 6.7 from 5.3. 5.3 was extremely acidic; it was hard to grow much of anything. Now it's neutral at 6.7, exactly where you need to be for most any veggie garden.


The report also states that I'm high in phosphorus, combined with the pH increase suggest that it's time to eliminate the rock phosphate, lime and gypsum from my organic fertilizer mix. My organic fertilizer has five ingredients; this means that my costs on fertilizer has now dropped by 60 percent, i.e., eliminated three of those five ingredients, totally sustaining itself.


This is why soil tests help you have money on fertilizers. Your soil may be high in one nutrient and deficient in another. If you just throw down any old fertilizer, you could be wasting money. Make decisions based on empirical evidence.


Grow'em big!


2 Responses to “Soil Test Proves Organic Methods Work!”

  1. Leo Edmiston-cyr Says:

    Brilliant!  I've been planning on getting my soil tested and have not yet done it.  I'll use this as my reminder.

  2. Damon Says:

    Good! Let me know what you find out.

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