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Okay, here's what the GG Springtime Grower's Course is about: This is an online multimedia course teaching on topics many of you have requested over past few weeks:

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  • Garden Planning: This is a simple two-step system that will help you plan the what, when, where and how for this growing season. This provides a framework so that you're not running around headless when it comes time to plant.
  • Teaches you how-much and how-often to water and fertilize your garden, so that you won't kill everything by drowning or overfeeding, thus helping you build a thriving, bountiful garden.
  • Crop Rotation: Teaches you about plant families and which vegetables to avoid planting in the same spot year after year. This will give you a healthier garden over time so that bugs, pests and diseases won't take over.
  • Soil Preparation: Show you how to cultivate your soil properly the first time without destroying the preexisting soil structure. Maintaining the soil structure during preparation will help you to establish your garden faster yet avoid back pain, or very rigorous, tiring work that steers most people away from gardening.
  • Soil Amendments: Again you'll learn the what to add, and how to amend your soil to make it drain better, absorb more water, and correct soil problems you've had in the past. With the proper amendments you'll have a much easier time growing most vegetables and avoid the frustration of dealing with soil that won't support plant life.

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Simple, no hype. Here's what you'll get: 

  • Garden Planning Video
  • Seed Starting Video
  • Soil Preparation for Container Gardens Video
  • Soil Preparation for Traditional Gardens Video
  • Soil Amendments Training Video
  • Crop Rotation How-to Video
  • Guidelines on Watering and Fertilizing Audio
  • How to Build A Garden That Saves Time Audio
  • Seedling Spreadsheet PDF
  • Soils, Manures and Fertilizers PDF from F. F. Rockwell
  • All Online
  • Instant Access Pass
  • Lifetime Access to This Class
  • 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

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Grow'em big!


P.S., Hey, if you're ready to make a decision on this course, go on over to the order page by clicking the link below.


P.P.S., Is there anything preventing you from taking the class? If so let me know at damon [at] greenhorngardening [dot] com.


P.P.P.S., As always at Greenhorn Gardening, if you buy and don't like the product for whatever reason, shoot me a message, and I'll give you your money back.


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