Organic matter holds water. Out in the garden today prepping for fall planting, I decided to go have a good look at the mounded beds. They were bone dry because I had not watered them. Using the cultivator fork to see what was happening underneath the surface, sure enough about two inches down there was plenty of moisture!


Two reasons: lots of organic matter and lots of mulch. Organic matter is what you get when living things die and break down into that soil-like substance we call humus. Mulch reduces the amount of water that evaporates into the air.


This has been a dry summer, although not the driest I've ever seen. Some gardens don't make it because there isn't enough organic matter in the soil to hold on to the water, especially in a sandy soil where the water just drains quickly.


Three Ways to Deal With Droughts

  • Incorporate as much organic matter into your soil as you can.
  • Use mulch to reduce surface moisture evaporation.
  • Use a drip irrigation system.

In fact If you only used two out of three you'd be doing well in a good year of rainfall. Using all three will keep your garden thriving instead of dying when in drought.


Grow'em big!


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