Valley oak broadfork, A.K.A. Ma DueceHey, do you guys use hand tools in your garden? I'm asking because in thinking about the 2013 growing season, five tools get use more than any others here at the Greenhorn Garden.


If you have the time, I put together this top five garden tool resource guide that might help you determine exactly what you need to get started with the soil preparation of your 2013 garden.


Below is the direct link:


Grow'em big!


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  1. Zack Says:

    Aside from the obvious spade shovel, wheel barrow, etc. I have found that a sod kicker/stripper is indispensable for removing sod for new beds quickly. I'm talking about the kind with the two handles, the roller, and the square blade that cuts the sod into rolls just below the root line. The Japanese hori hori is a great multi-tool that is great for seeding, weeding, and transplanting with minimal effort and damage to the stuff you want to survive. Another Japanese tool that is great is the curved, serrated sickle, also called a harvest sickle or berry knife, which makes short work of grasses, vines, and even small branches and is especially nice for harvesting woody herbs. A good strong digging fork is great for aerating compost piles or cultivating, though I personally like to disturb the soil as little as possible. And finally, because I like to do hugelkultur, a curved pruning saw works well for cutting smaller branches off logs and trimming the length of narrower diameter branches.

  2. Damon Says:

    Yeah, that sounds like quite an arsenal.

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