I've been in mad scientist mode for quite a bit considering that this year's corn crop is going to fail. Looking forward to next year's summer grain alternative, I've found these two: quinoa and amaranth.
These are not grains. They are called pseudograins or pseudocereals. Grains are grasses. These are not in the grass family. Here's a delightful article written by the good people at Seeds of Change that I thought you might enjoy "Growing and Harvesting Quinoa & Amaranth."
I don't know about you, but I grow for food. Although I'm not allergic to gluten or other wheat products, at least one friend of mine was. Other than corn and rice flours, choices seemed limited. This is the great thing about growing your own food, e.g., you can grow things according to your dietary needs and that are hard to find in grocery stores.


Not only can you grow it yourself, but you can get proficient enough at it to sell at the farmer's markets and directly to specialty restaurants. Once you've learn this skill, you can teach to others as well. Gardening is more than just growing grains or big tomatoes, with today's technology you can use your skill to better people's lives.
Grow'em big!

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    What grains are you interesting in growing?

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