I received this photo from Susan Norris. Remember in podcast episode 49 "Raised Bed Growing Success With Susan Norris," she gave the story of her new raised bed garden. Well, here's a picture of her progress! Let's look at few things contributing to her success:



  • She has a simple, effective irrigation system. Note the PVC pipe–I'm assuming it's 3/4 inch PVC pipe, a common size for a garden hose here in the United States. What makes this system so nice is the soaker hose. Water seeps through pours in the surface of the hose, making for a kind of unmetered drip irrigation system. She also uses simple ball values to serve as on off switches for each bed–that's just plain awesome!
  • I prefer a metered drip irrigation system, but Susan is having great success with her homemade system. It operates off the same principles as the "Drip Irrigation Made Easy" e-book and blog post below:

Planting Grid

  • Her raised beds aren't just wide-open spaces. They're divided and organized using the Square Foot Gardening method popularized by Mel Bartholomew. Most any planting pattern/grid will work, but you need a way to organize your space. I use the full-row and short-row methods, using the drip emitters along the drip lines for proper plant spacing. The drip lines serve as my grid.

Easy of Operation

  • Her whole system is set up for ease and convenience. The garden is close to her kitchen. Each raised bed has a nice little walk way, and each bed is narrow enough to reach across the entire bed. The easier and more convenient you make your gardening, the more likely you are to stick with it.


Grow'em big!


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    What growing well in your garden?

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