Seriously It'd be great for you guys to share why you garden. I was sitting here late last night and decided to cook an omelet of all things. The sauteed elephant garlic and coriander seeds were grown in my own garden. That's why I'm doing this.


It's about getting away from mass produced everything. Where else can you get a coriander garlic omelet or arugula Alfredo pizza? Working in the fast food industry everything is salt and sugar. Everything tastes like everything else. Bland. The problem with mass production is that everything becomes uniform. The longer the supply chain, the greater chance of increased costs and food safety issues.


Grow'em big



Seriously, I want this to be more than just me talking to you. I want to interact, know what you want and what you want to know about.

7 Responses to “Why Do You Garden?”

  1. Damon Says:

    Why do you garden?

  2. monika Says:

    Connecting with the earth through gardening is so satisfying. It relaxes my body and mind and gives me a deep sense of peace. There is this Chinese proverb saying that if you want a life full of joy, become a gardener. Love eating what I grow, cooking with my own culinary herbs is awesome for flavor and creativity. Come from a long line of gardeners, its in my blood.

  3. Damon Says:

    Nice. Dad used to fish because it was so peaceful to him. You are absolutely right: There is an unusual kind of peace out in the garden. It’ll beats paying for therapy!

  4. T.R. Says:

    There are many reasons, but first is the thrill and sense of accomplishment when I eat something I grew from dirt, and second is that I firmly believe it is rank foolishness to allow the basic skills of existence to become forgotten.  To not understand how to garden is to be completely dependent upon someone who does.  Every planting is the beginning of a new lesson, and a new realization of how very much of this basic knowledge we have lost. 
    I'm nowhere near ready to grow enough to feed my family, but I am much closer today then I was before I started.  My current mission is to learn how to limit time spent weeding.  And to limit the damage from bugs and mildew. 

  5. Damon Says:

    Well put. It’s worrying to see that we live in a society where people aren’t taught skills. Just a couple generations ago fishing, hunting, animal husbandry and gardening were still part of everyday life down here in the south.

  6. Kris from CT Says:

              A few years ago I had a realization that turned into a necessity which turned into a passion: Gardening! 
             I was near death and no Doctors could tell me why, they ran all the tests and said there's nothing wrong.  Hmmm, then why am I deathly ill and in the emergency room – AGAIN?  I ate healthy lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and when I wasn't sick I tried to exercise.  Yet at age 26  I had a cardiologist  who couldn't figure out why I was passing out all the time and had such low blood pressure, not only that but my entire system was shutting down.  Eventually I figured out I had Celiac Disease and all those healthy whole grains (wheat, rye, barley, oats) where killing me – Literally. 
    My diet changed and I realized just how important it is to know what you are eating and where it comes from!  Now I eat fruits, vegetables and proteins and we all know how incredibly expensive those are.  I buy organic whenever I can but the best way for me to know what is in my food and where is comes from is for me to walk out into my back yard and pick it!  

  7. Damon Says:

    Wow, that is amazing story!

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