Greenhorn Gardening CompostOkay, here's the deal with organic gardening:

  • Organic gardening saves time on your gardening tasks by relying natural, ecological processes to do most of the work for you.
  • Organic gardening saves water because of the high organic matter content. Organic matter: that what was alive has decomposed into a dirt-like form.
  • Organic matter adsorbs water like a sponge. Therefore you won't have to water your garden as much.
  • Organic gardening saves effort. You know what it's like: a hard day's work. It's draining emotionally. While gardening is relaxing and regenerative, it still requires effort. Sometimes you just don't have the energy to turn that compost pile or pull weeds. Why not let the worms, bugs and plants work for you?
  • Organic gardening saves space. "Cotton as far as you can see." "Dot" Pearl was a dear friend of my mother. On a road trip looking out the car window, there were indeed fields of cotton as far as we could see. It's hard to go far in Alabama without passing through farmlands.


That cotton was planted without a need for saving space. Well, if you don't own land out to the horizon, space saving planting patterns become crucial for a bountiful harvest. Home scale gardening often requires dense planting. This allows the plants to provide a live mulch, i.e., the plants themselves provide enough shade to help discourage the weed growth.


Grow'em big!


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    Why do you prefer organic gardening?

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