Greenhorn Gardening CompostHere's a bigger more grandiose reason for organic gardening: rarity.

Gardening organically gets you in on the not-sold-in-stores-near-you community. With your own organic vegetable garden you can grow plants that aren't sold in stores. Think about it: When have you ever seen orange or black tomatoes, purple carrots, white pumpkins or yellow-fleshed watermelons on the produce isle? (I promise you that yellow-fleshed watermelons are the sweetest you'll ever taste!)

The other rarity has to to with preservation. Rare vegetable breeds popular 100 years ago have often gone out of production because newer hybrid breeds have replaced them. Most rare plants I've seen are preserved by local, down-home growers like you. You can be a part of preserving something that would otherwise be lost.

Grow'em big!


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